• Transfer service?

    The service comprises of the transport in the form of renting a car with designated driver – transfer. All services will start and end in a previously agreed location specified within the transfer confirmation and the transport contract.

  • Departure and arrival addresses?

    Departures and arrival addresses of our passengers have to be clearly defined in the form of valid addresses.

  • Transfer confirmation?

    We'll send you the transfer confirmation via e-mail after we process your order. You should print out that confirmation and show it to the designated driver.

  • Meeting the driver?

    The designated driver should we waiting for you at the starting point you've specified. In case of any issues regarding the meeting the driver, contact us.

  • Where will the driver be waiting for me at the airport?

    The driver will be waiting for you at the airport near the international or domestic arrivals exit and will be holding the sign with your first and last name.

  • Animal transport?

    We're able to transport the animals if they're placed in suitable containers, as the specialized transporters or boxes. These services have to be previously agreed and ordered before the transport service begins. We reserve the right to decline the transport of all animals except for the trained guide dogs.

  • Payment?

    We offer following payment methods to our clients: advance payment and the difference between the full-service price on the day of the transfer, full payment in advance or paying the full price on the day of the transfer. We reserve the right to decline all payment method change requests differing to the initial payment method chosen when the order was created.

  • Are listed prices shown per person or per vehicle?

    Our website always displays prices per vehicle.

  • What if my flight is delayed?

    We always track your flight, so the designated driver will be timely informed of your flight delay and we won't incur any additional charges for waiting on you.

  • What does transfer service include?

    The service includes transport with our designated driver at the previously agreed destination and by previously agreed price rate. We won't incur any additional charges for your baggage if its dimensions do not exceed the reasonable limit for the vehicle type. The price does not include any stops for any reason whatsoever, which would prolong the transport length, for example: stopping in order to shop or take a photo in any location.